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Corn & Callus

Corns hurt, in fact they niggle away like a stone is in your shoe don't they? 

How can something so small, on your foot hurt so much? We know about this at the practice; the receptionist knows how much they hurt, the podiatrist knows this too, so does our podiatry assistant!!  We hear about how much they hurt every day.  Joanna can help you, have no doubt about that.

Corns may be on the tips of toes, under the ball of the foot, or on the tops of the toe joints and are caused by pressure and friction to the area.  Corns can also be found between toes (soft corns), they are just as painful, but form due to pressure, friction and trapped moisture.  Footwear is quite often a contributing factor in the formation of these small lumps of hard skin.

Careful, gentle removal of these painful lesions by the podiatrist usually offer instantaneous pain relief.  If the corn has been present and painful for many weeks or months, it may take a few days for the area to settle and begin to feel less painful.

Advice on suitable footwear if the podiatrist believes ill-fitting footwear is contributing to your problem, and self care at home are quite often given at the end of your appointment.  Even the most expensive shoes can cause corns to develop if they are not the right shape for your foot.