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Fungal Toenails

They don't look good do they?!  Yellow? Brown? Thick and difficult to cut? 
This is  common condition in the UK and Joanna sees several patients each day who have a fungal infection in at least one, if not more, of their toenails.  There are a few different ways to treat these nails and Joanna can discuss this with you during your appointment.  Sometimes the best time of year to begin a treatment programme to try to resolve a fungal nail infection is at the beginning of the Autumn. 

If you are female ( or male, let's not rule anyone out who likes a bit of colour in their life!) and like to apply coloured nail polish to your nails during the warmer, sandal wearing weather so that your fungal infection is disguised, Joanna usually suggests having a happy summer doing just that.  When Autumn arrives, along with closed toed footwear, it's time to strip the polish off and begin treating that fungus!  You've probably got 6 months of dull, cold British weather staring you in the face when you can hide those naked toenails in your socks and begin killing off that fungal infection!

If the nails are very thick already and you're finding them hard to cut and they look unsightly, don't wait, come in for the nails to be cut, thinned and look more beautiful instantly.  On goes the nail polish and your feet have a new lease of life, feel great and look fabulous!

Why not watch our video to find out how we can test nail samples within our practice to determine if you have a fungal infection prior to beginning any course of treatment plan?

"After years of hiding my feet - riddled with fungal nail infections and athlete's foot - always making excuses about not going on beach trips with friends, swimming with my kids and even beach holidays, I plucked up the courage to do something about it.  Calling Melton Podiatry was the best thing ever!  12 months later, under the care of Jo who has been brilliant, my feet are now 'normal'.  My confidence has improved and I can look forward to summer days"
Mrs R