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Ingrowing Toenails

In many cases the podiatrist is able to carefully cut away the shard of nail that is causing pain and discomfort providing almost instantaneous relief for the patient.  For some patients due to their activities, footwear or shape of the nail the nail will regrow over time and cause the same problem. 

Therefore some patients return every 6-10 weeks for the nail shard to be removed which keeps their feet comfortable for several more weeks or months. Sometimes, the only option for ingrowing or deformed toenails which cause significant or frequent pain/infection is to have part of, or all of the nail, removed. 

This procedure is called nail surgery and is performed whilst the toe has been numbed using local anaesthetic so the patient feels nothing during and for several hours after the surgery.  It is a permanent and effective solution.  Most patients who opt for this permanent solution report only mild discomfort following their surgery, and all have said they would have it done again if they needed to.

Nail surgery is a cost effective treatment, you do not need health insurance and you don't need to be referred by your doctor for this procedure.  Don't wait until you can't stand the pain anymore, let us help you now.

What do they look like?

Ingrowing toenails are commonly seen surrounded by inflammed, sometimes infected tissue.