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Pedicures & Theraputic Treatments

What are you talking about??!

Sshhhh! Don't tell everyone what we do, they'll book all the appointments and you'll never have the chance to find out what you've been missing all this time!

Are you embarrassed by your feet? The fungal toenail, that verruca, the wonky toe you've got from when you stubbed it on the bedpost aged 12 while dancing madly to Take That in your bedroom in 1996?  

You're too embarrassed to go to a beauty salon, or they've told you they won't treat you because the verruca or fungal infection is contagious?

Or is it that you're not really sure if you want files, nail scissors or polish brushes used on you that have been used on 5 other clients already that day? doesn't sound that appealing now does it?

That doesn't happen here!  We have seen every type of foot; small feet, huge feet, wonky toes, toes scarred by surgery, amputations, fungal nails, thickened nails (think ram's horns on toes!), verrucas (we specialise in treating these), in-growing nails, bunions.  The list really is endless.  To us, feet are feet.  It's what we look at every day.  Making feet better is our job and we LOVE it! 

We not only make your feet feel great, we make them look amazing too.  So, our podiatry treatment makes your feet feel comfy, but we also give the most wonderful pedicures to make feet look as fabulous as they should.

We do:

✅ Use instruments sterilised to medical standards and only used on YOU

✅ Use disposable brushes, so no double dipping the nail polish, no cross-contamination between patients

✅ Use gel polish chosen as it's VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE AND 10 FREE (of all the usual nasties)

✅ Use single-use wax pots to eliminate bacteria taking swimming lessons in the product before it's used on you

✅ Hold professional training qualifications and are fully insured


No corns? No large patches of callus? Nails that aren't thick or fungal?   Choose a Pedicure instead with one of our practitioners.

Your Pedicure starts with the nails cut and shaped, rough or hard skin removed with the incredible Angel File, a foot scrub to exfoliate the skin and a moisture boost to drench parched soles.  Pick your desired polish colour and your feet are fit to face the world again!

You want more? Pedicure Plus gives you everything that a Pedicure does, but then treats you to an aromatic moisture mask to help revive the skin, heated booties that flood the feet with warmth and the complete bliss of a foot massage to ease those tired feet.

"Luxury" we hear you cry "Where's the luxury, I want it all"! Well, if your feet are back on top form there's no reason you can't take over the world!

So choose the Luxury Pedicure, we'll add a treat for your senses by brushing warm, melted paraffin wax across your soles, wrapping your feet in heated booties.  This really helps nourish dry, flaky skin leaving it beautifully soft and rehydrated, but soothes cold feet and aches.  You can lay back and relax, or tune in to some tech while we work our magic.

Something for everyone

So there really is something for everyone, men and women.  We are LBGTQ friendly and can offer early evening appointments if you prefer.

 And if you're feeling generous and want to treat someone you know, we have gift vouchers too.....