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Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction is becoming a particularly popular cosmetic podiatry treatment for men and women who have toenail loss.  We know you feel embarrassed by the look of your toenails, discoloured due to fungus or do you have toenails missing due to injury? Ladies, we keep hearing that you're avoiding sandals or that beach holiday because you can't bear to let anyone see your feet.  Stop feeling this way!  There really is no need as we have the solution for you, we can fix your toenail!

For those of you who have lost part or most of a toenail perhaps due to injury, nail surgery or nails which have crumbled away due to an extensive fungal infection, we can create a "new" toenail just for you!

The new toenail is created using advanced Wilde-Pedique products.   Sculpting a new nail which appears to be "real" takes approximately 20 minutes per toenail and lasts for around 4-6 weeks.  The "new" nail can be painted over and polish removed by you at home how ever often you wish.
This service is particularly popular throughout the Spring and Summer when you may wish to bare your feet in open toed sandals or walk barefoot on that lovely beach on holiday.  No-one will be any wiser that the nail is not real.  4-6 weeks later, you return to have the nail removed and another one applied (we tend to find once you've had it done once you will be so pleased with the result you won't be without it!).

       Before LCN Reconstruction                                          After LCN Reconstruction
Nail reconstructionNail reconstruction after

          Nail Before Reconstruction                                      Nail After Reconstruction
    nail reconstructionNail reconstruction
The Process (that sounds fancy doesn't it!)
We book an initial new patient appointment for you so we can complete a comprehensive medical record, examine the nail(s) and discuss with you what we feel we can achieve when we reconstruct your partially missing nail.  Although this is an aesthetic/ cosmetic treatment, we adhere to our medical training using completely sterile or single use only instruments and techniques during you treatment.
In most instances we can reconstruct one toenail during this initial appointment.

It may not be possible to reconstruct your toenail during the initial appointment if the nail bed is wet/ soggy.  Try to keep the toe you want the reconstruction on dry for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  If the nailbed is soggy, we will prepare the nail and give some simple step by step guidelines to follow for the next 5-7 days and at your next appointment we create a brand new and realistic toenail.  Even a local beauty therapist giving one of our patients a pedicure couldn't believe it wasn't a real nail!

Every one of our patients who have had a toenail reconstruction has been delighted by the freedom it's given them again to wear summer sandals with pride or play on the beach barefoot.