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Podiatry Treatment

A podiatry treatment is a generalised appointment, we call it routine podiatry treatment, that encompasses:

Nail cutting, filing and thinning of thickened or fungal nails, if required.

Removal of callus and corns

Sanding rough, dry heels

Reducing heel fissures (deep cracks in the heels prone to bleeding and really quite painful sometimes!)

Treating involuted or ingrowing toenails

Application of the correct moisturiser for your skin type

Giving you advice about your foot problems and assisting with your foot care when you are unable, or no longer capable, of caring for your feet.

The top five reasons patients contact us for help?

1. "I can't reach my feet anymore"

It sounds impossible doesn't it? Except age takes it toll on our spine, hips and knees no longer allowing us to reach and bend like we used to.  We like to think it's because our legs get longer or our arms get shorter!  Back pain, injury, paralysis, stroke, joint replacement and disability all prevent our patients reaching their feet.

2. "I can't see what I'm doing"

This is sometimes due to age related changes such as macular degeneration, cataracts or just poor eyesight.  Varifocal glasses also wreak havoc when trying to peer down at the feet and getting the head position and the foot position right can often feel like you're auditioning as a contortionist!

3. "I can't hold the scissors"

Actually, most patients can hold the scissors/ nail clippers, but they don't have the power in their hands to work them well.  Arthritis, carpal tunnel and gout are all conditions that cause loss of hand strength and function.

4. "I haven't got the right equipment"

a) That's because you're not a Podiatrist! 

b) You haven't had to spend thousands of pounds on Podiatry instruments!  

Surgical instruments are expensive because they're designed for a particular treatment, made from high quality medical grade stainless steel, their cutting edge has been honed to perfection and come in different shapes and sizes to perform the treatments we carry out every day.

The pair of side cutters you've been using in your workshop to cut electric cable honestly won't be up to doing a very good job of your nails!  Neither is the low grit sandpaper you've been using for woodworking that you've considered using on your calluses.  And don't even get us started on the razor blade you've been trying to remove your corns with!

Our surgical instruments are a thing of wonder and we only invest in those that enable us to give you excellent treatment.

5. "I don't know what I'm doing"

No, you don't.  Even when you think Dr Google has explained it, and YouTube showed you how to do it, you didn't spend 3 years training how to treat your feet.  We know cutting nails isn't rocket science, but cutting difficult, infected or troublesome nails IS a specialist job and only part of what being a Podiatrist is about.

Knowing how much callus to remove from a patients foot who has diabetes IS a specialist job to prevent damage, infection, ulceration and, worst case scenario, amputation.

So if you're a hairdresser we'll ask for hair care advice when we visit your salon.  If you're a plumber, we'll engage you to fix our boiler.   If you're a mechanic, we'll bring our car to you for repairs.  You are all specialists in your own right, you've completed your training and have the skills and knowledge to fix the things we can't.

We're your foot specialists. Ask for our help and it may save you a lot of discomfort in the long run.

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