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ManPedi's - Exclusively for men

Does your wife/ partner/ husband keep moaning that your feet are ugly? Or that your toenails are like claws? Have you got hard skin that scratches a hole in the bedsheets and you've got no idea how to bring your feet back to not only good health, but to presentable condition?

We hear this so often (there's a lot of men who are nagged about this, it's not only you!) and that's why we offer a service exclusively for men.

ManPedi's are your solution to help you get your feet back in great shape.  ManPedi's are for men and given by a male practitioner who knows how hard men's feet work. Using professional skills and products to tame those toenails and banish that dry, rough skin, spend some time with us and get the feet you want, not the feet you're embarrassed by!

Men are expected to take better care of their health and appearance nowadays, but their feet often get forgotten because they can be hidden in socks and shoes every day.  Most men don't know where to seek help to improve the appearance and health of their feet, so struggle on at home with toenail clippers that never seem to do a great job and using sandpaper to try to tackle the rough, dry skin.  

Our practitioner David knows what your feet need and in 40 minutes can turn them back into well-groomed feet to be proud of again.

Your treatment includes a nail cut and file, removal of rough, dry skin around the heels, exfoliating foot scrub to remove dead skin cells, a cuticle treatment and an extended foot massage using one of a range of moisturising creams to nourish those parched soles.   

(If you want polish instead of an extended foot massage, just let David know at the start of your treatment).

If your feet have areas of incredibly thick hard skin, deep cracks in your heels, corns, thick (possibly fungal) toenails, you'd be best to book an appointment with one of our Podiatrists first for assessment and treatment, moving on to a ManPedi at a later date.