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Verruca's & Warts

 Verruca?  We know how much you hate having one (or more) on your foot!  We hear about it every week in our practice.

We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to help you treat your verruca, don't worry.

So you've read about them on the internet?  Dr Google came up with a lot of answers, and you've tried some remedies, but that verruca just hasn't gone has it?!

Duct tape is a HUGE no-no! It's an industrial product that contains chemical components that can irritate the skin, especially of little feet.

Tea tree oil? No, this is a volatile essential oil that does not contain any particular ingredient that will resolve a verruca, although it may cause localised skin irritation.

Freeze sprays, corn plasters and over the counter acids also haven't worked, but perhaps made the skin sore and uncomfortable?

Verrucae can be unsightly and cause a lot of distress to our patients.  There is still a stigma attached to having a verruca and causes many of our patients to hide their feet away or avoid certain situations where their feet may be bare and on show.A range of different treatment methods are available to treat verrucae, the selection of which treatment is best suited to an individual patient will be made once the podiatrist has discussed the symptoms caused by the verruca, size and type of lesion and age of the patient.  Cryotherapy (freezing) or Swift therapy are both treatment options available at this practice.  We use products suitable for children too.  

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer a breakthrough new treatment of verruca's called SWIFT.  

SWIFT is the quick, clean new treatment, that unlike cryotherapy, salicylic acid or laser does not break the skin and eliminates the need for dressings, bandages or down time from activities or sports.  SWIFT can be used on most patients with few exceptions.  With a high success rate we can already tell this will be a very popular choice of treatment with our patients.


Falknor's treatment for verrucae is becoming more popular due to its simplicity, reduction in visits for treatment and minor discomfort following treatment.  This treatment is only available to adult patients at this practice as a local anaesthetic is required to numb the area in which the verruca is present.  This may not be the treatment for you if you are needle phobic, have certain health complaints that eliminate you from having a local anaesthetic or take certain medicationsthat preclude you from this treatment.      

Multiple verrucae on the heel


     Singular verruca on the sole of the foot